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Hardy Advanced Composites Limited




Your company will benefit from more than 40 years' experience of manufacturing carbon fibre and glass fibre composite tubes. Hardy Advanced Composites Ltd or 'HACL'  is easily one of the world's longest standing manufacturers of composite tubing with a heritage of quality and innovation spanning over a century thanks to its world famous parent company Hardy & Greys Ltd. We will supply you with composite tubing to the same high quality as we provide our customers in defence, aerospace, motorsport and marine sectors. HACL has the ability to deliver your company, quality product, in large or small quantities, worldwide to ensure you meet your customer's deadlines. 
The majority of HACL tubes are manufactured using a male moulding process known as "roll wrap". This method of construction is perfect for creating thin walled composite tubing and has been perfected for your benefit over four decades of manufacturing the highest quality fishing rod blanks together with aerospace, defence, motorsport, marine and industrial components delivered worldwide. 
Roll wrap offers you significant benefits for your application over alternative thin walled composite tubing manufacturing methods such as:
  • True zero degrees axial fibre alignment 
Not achievable using winding technologies, your tube will have the benefit of fibres aligned exactly as they should be to produce the optimum tube for your application.
  • Localised reinforcements 
Material can be introduced at any position along the tube to match your exact requirements.
  • Tapered tubes 
Generally not possible with pultrusion processes, if you require a tapered tube then you have come to the right place. You will benefit from over a century of tapered rod and tube technology.
  • Choice of finishes 
You know what your customers want, so if you require a smooth to touch finish, a painted tube or a 'classic' woven carbon fibre look, we will provide you with a product to suit your customer's needs.
  • Repeatable quality
We demand tight tooling tolerances to offer you the highest quality tubes, time after time.
  • Inexpensive tooling 
You won't be hit with expensive tooling charges as in other moulding methods. If we don't have the correct size tool for your composite tube, the material for a straightforward tube is relatively inexpensive and can be sourced to suit your wallet.