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Carbon Fibre or Glass Fibre?


There are several factors which might dictate the choice of these materials so we have included the following table to assist you. Aluminium is included for comparison purposes.

 Carbon Fibre      Glass Fibre    Aluminium        

      Stiffness (GPa)       

80 - 220 



  Strength (MPa)  

1200 - 2500



   Density Kgm-3  




  Price (£)/Kg  



Key: Red - Worst  Amber - Moderate  Green - Best


      2 x 2 Twill Carbon Fibre                                    90 / 10 'Viper' Weave

Tube Dimensions


Depending on tooling availability, we can offer tubes within the following ranges


Inside Diameter (mm)3.0320+/- 0.1
Outside Diameter (mm) (Natural Finish)5.2325   +/- 0.3
Outside Diameter (mm) (Ground Smooth Finish)5.0 175 +/- 0.1 
Individual Length 53600 +/- 1 


Strength : A measure of the maximum load that can be placed on a material before it permanently deforms or breaks. Engineers often use this as yield stress, σ,  as a measure of a material's strength.

Stiffness : A measure of the amount of deflection that a load causes in a material. Engineers use a value called Young's Modulus, E, for stiffness.