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Telescopic Composite Tubing
Hardy Advanced Composites Ltd have experience in the manufacture of carbon fibre telescopic tube sets and glass fibre telescopic tube sets. For assistance in choosing your telescopic tube requirements please contact us. Below is one of our many successes in the application of telescopic tubing as a solution to a problem. Telescopic composite tubing is an art in itself and if you have a requirement please contact us.  
Hardy Advanced Composites Ltd worked with the Royal National Institute for the Blind to develop a lightweight and retractable cane for use by blind and visually impaired individuals

The TELEcane is a compact, lightweight, telescopic, symbol cane. It is available in three versions. The product details are as follows:


  • MS15 is for general use and is made in five sections and is 75 cm in length when fully extended.


  • MS16 is a version of the same cane which is designed for deaf / blind people.


  • MS17 is for general use and is made in just three sections and is 45 cm in length when fully extended.