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About Hardy Advanced

Over 40 Years experience and

over a century of heritage


HAC has over 40 years' experience of manufacturing carbon fibre and glass fibre composite tubes. We are  one of the world's longest standing manufacturers of composite tubing with a heritage of quality and innovation spanning over a century thanks to its world famous parent company Pure Fishing UK Ltd.


A true solutions provider


We are a true solutions provider in the bespoke composites market, supplying high quality composite tubing to our customers who include defence, aerospace, motorsport and marine sectors. We have the ability to deliver quality products, in large or small quantities, worldwide. 

We offer surface machining, drilling, milling and turning services to deliver you a finished component, ready for your application.


Our painting facilities are second to none in the composites industry, having been adapted for our military and aerospace customers from technologies perfected in the manufacture of high quality carbon and glass fibre fishing tackle, so we can offer finishing and painting services to meet your geometric tolerance and aesthetic appearance requirements. 


Tubing needs are guaranteed to be fulfilled, we have stock tooling for over 500 different parallel and tapered internal diameters giving an almost infinite range of carbon and glass fibre composite tube possibilities too numerous to list.

Constructed using a roll wrap process from carbon fibre or glass fibres and using an epoxy based resin system, Hardy Advanced Composites Ltd's tubes offer the customer the option of accurate fibre alignment and reinforcement options throughout the length of the tube for the optimum balance of stiffness, strength, weight and cost.


We are a one stop solution finder for parallel and tapered composite tubes. The company has extensive technical knowledge in the use of woven and multi directional fibre composites and is able to advise on the suitability of a wide range of resin matrices. In most cases, composite fibre tubes can be used as a direct replacement for metal tubes whilst offering enhanced performance and significant savings in weight. 

So whether you want an off the shelf type carbon fibre tube or a complete design and supply service of the highest calibre, we have the resources and experience to deliver.


Quality assured using
the latest technology


We have the latest engineering techniques including finite element analysis (FEA) and the company's ISO 9001:2008 registration reflects its ongoing commitment to the achievement of consistent product quality performance.

We are truly a 'one stop shop' for your tubular composite components, saving you time, effort and ultimately money. 

Quality policy statement


It is the policy of The Division (Hardy Advanced Composites) to provide its customers with innovative designs and products which are produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice and that these products meet the specifications agreed with the customer.


Utilise our innovation to develop our products and technologies and continually develop our employee’s skills and abilities.


The Quality Management system is driven towards continual improvement by planning, implementation, monitoring and feedback from both customers and all employees


This policy statement, which Impinges on all of the Division, highlights the above to all personnel including Top Management.


The quality manual provides guidance and instruction to employees, all of whom have a direct and indirect influence on the effects of service and product quality. The systems and procedures are mandatory for the whole of the Division.


It is essential that all employees recognise the Divisional commitment to the requirements of the quality system and that they appreciate the importance of their responsibilities in maintaining good quality levels throughout the Division. It is company policy to meet both the requirements of the customer and also any applicable legal or regulatory requirements.


This disciplined approach to quality standards will ensure that manufacturing performance can be continuously monitored and improved.

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