Sports Equipment

We manufacture the highest quality rod blanks for our parent company Pure Fishing UK Ltd. Pure Fishing are renowned worldwide for the quality and actions of their fishing tackle and part of this reputation is built on the research & development carried out on on their behalf by HAC.


HAC manufacture sports equipment components such as: 

  • Yachting Masts, Bow Sprits and Spinnaker Poles

  • Canoe / Kayak Paddle Shafts 

  • Lightweight Rugby Posts 

  • Formula One Pit Lane Equipment


Composite materials offer significant performance benefits for sports equipment users due to their high stiffness to weight properties and durability characterisitcs. 


Carbon fibre tubes can be used as direct replacements for aluminium tubular components on your yachting applications with instant weight savings. We currently supply some of the UK's top boat builders.  

Ovington Boats

Ovington's 49er one-design skiff has transformed competitive dinghy sailing offering performance, excitement and spectacle together with the unmatched ferocity of competition only generated in Olympic fleets. HAC supply composite components for this popular and exciting boat.


Our versatile manufacturing process allows continous development of yachting components to achieve an optimum balance of performance, weight and cost.


If you are looking to develop an individual yachting component or a range of tubular composite items then Hardy Advanced Composites have the experience and processes to help you realise your design goals.

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